Murray Energy Corp., the largest private coal mining company in the United States, filed for bankruptcy.
A 2019 survey funded by the National Institutes of Health found that 25% of 12th graders, 20% of 10th graders and 9% of eighth graders vaped.
AFSA members stormed Capitol Hill last week in conjunction with NASSP and NAESP as part of the first joint Hill Day.

A Principals Month Message from AFSA President Ernest Logan.

Members of Congress are rated lower in empathy, transparency and ethics; public gives higher scores to public school principals.
New initiative launches on heels of 33 states investigating more than 450 cases of lung illnesses associated with vaping, many of which involve teens and young adults.

Two years ago, we compared the opioid epidemic to the mortgage crisis that nearly cratered the global economy, noting how corporate greed caused both. Recent reporting in The Washington Post and other media outlets reveals an important difference between the two:

Unlike the regulators who were blithely ignorant of what was happening in the financial markets, officials at the Drug Enforcement Administration knew exactly how many opioid pills were being distributed in the United States and where they were going.